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TotallySafe Organic Pest Control

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The Cool Group is proud to partner with TotallySafe Pest control, the UAE's first and only government approved pest control provider that uses 100% natural pest control solutions that are completely safe for human contact.


TotallySafe Pest Control uses natural essential oils to repel and eliminate insects and vermin. For example, two of the common ingredients used are cedar oil and capsaicin, which is the heat behind a chili pepper.




We are currently offering indoor and outdoor solutions for pests such as bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, fleas, ticks, flies and others. As well as vermin control for mice and rats, pigeons and similar.




Common locations for application are the perimeter of apartment complexes and villas, the individual rooms in your home, or hotel.  We also have a solution to areas where birds congregate near outdoor eating areas!

Using the Cool Group's industry standard misting systems, we have developed a highly effective stable insect repellant system that greatly aids in the comfort of stabled animals. In other words, we are keeping horses not only cool, but insect free!


In huge demand currently is our bedbug fogging services... from small apartments to entire hotels!


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