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Whether you are looking for patio heaters, propane heaters, electric heaters or gas heaters from portable to commercial space heaters, we have what you are looking for. We feature a huge selection of space, wall radiant, infrared and outdoor patio heaters for home or industrial patio heating.

Mist & Cool USA Outdoor Heating is the leading heating superstore in Dubai, UAE with a factory trained sales staff with knowledge on all your indoor and outdoor heating needs.

We sell a large variety of patio heaters, electric heaters, portable heaters, and propane heaters for you to choose from. We offer space heaters, and outdoor heaters along with heater controls and thermostats.

Woolworths electric are indeed the most popular heaters on the market with very clean and stylish looks. Patio Comfort offers patio heaters that are extremely well built, portable, and are very reasonably priced. We at Mist & Cool USA have trained and experienced installers to help you with the installation of propane heaters, electric heaters, and gas heaters for you to enjoy your new portable, wall, radiant, or infrared heaters with controls for your convenience.


Gas Mushroom Heater - Heat Master USA

    Material: stainless steel/ Bronze powder coated steel.

  • Total height: 2210mm
  • Power: 5000-13,000W
  • Fuel: propane or butane gas /LPG.
  • Flux?450-870g/hr
  • Piezoelectric ignition and variable gas control valve with CE, CSA certifications.
  • Automatic shut-off device.
  • Anti-tilt switch.
  • Cover and wheels included.

  • ITEM SIZE: DIA.765 x 2250H MM
  • CARTON SIZE: 450X 450 X 880 MM
  • Mushroom Gas Heater wheels & coverPACKING: 1 PC / CTN
  • N.W./G.W.: 17KGS / 22KGS
  • 1 year warranty and free delivery within UAE.

Gas Heater Outdoor

Cool Group famous Gas patio heaters use radiant heat to warm outdoor areas creating a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that can be enjoyed long after the outdoor season has passed. Outdoor gas heaters offer endless benefits that allow you to spend more time in the cozy oasis that youve spend so much time creating and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to fit your outdoor heating needs.

Gas Heater Safe for environment

Both natural gas and liquid propane are clean burning, safe fossil fuels that will not harm the environment or pollute the air we breathe. Liquid propane is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless. As with natural gas, an identifying odor is added so the gas can be readily detected. Both fuel types offer instant heat and ambiance when used with outdoor gas heaters.

Gas Heater

price of natural gas and liquid propane in UAE will vary depending on the supplier, the efficiency of outdoor gas heater will not. Both types of gas patio heaters are designed to burn with minimal emissions and at optimum efficiency levels making them a wise outdoor heating alternative that runs undoubtedly well. Gas heaters offer a steady fuel stream meaning that the burn will also be steady and easily controlled by the mechanisms on the heater and with the additional safety features. Regardless of the size and shape of the outdoor gas heater, the fuel will be constantly delivered through the plumbing and controlled by the safety valves on board.

Mushroom Gas heater

Cool Group famous mushroom patio heater(HEAT MASTER USA - DUBAI UAE ) is one scale patio, generally made of steel and coated with aluminum reflector. Its structure radiates the infrared heat produced by gas supply LPG cylinders. This type of radiation heater is the ideal solution for outdoor areas, open spaces or indoors that do not have interior rooms for smokers, as can be seen for example in outdoor areas of bars or restaurants. This patio heater has low power consumption thanks to gas cylinders butane or propane. This machine has a consumption of approximately 0.7 kg / h by heating and irradiating its heat on a surface of 25-30 sqm and for this considered as the most economical solution. The outdoor heater is equipped with a valve which ensures the optimal combustion of the gas, of a burner, of a grid of stainless steel alloy to generate thermal efficiency of the fuel and eliminating the carbon monoxide that is produced during the combustion of the gas.Cool Group famous mushroom patio heater (HEAT MASTER USA - DUBAI UAE ) ensures safety use even in outdoor environments; in fact, it is equipped with a safety system, ready switch off in the event of tilt and a sensor for the adjustment of the flame which ensures greater autonomy and versatility and not only that our heaters are all approved by DUBAI CIVIL DEFENCE. The gas cylinder is located in the lower part of the patio heater.

Outdoor Gas Heater Mushroom Black

Braced yourselves as winter is approaching! Surely does chill clinched your bones and freezes your outdoor schedule. But for like you us rather, outgoing people will never let it smashed by the weather. Yes the northern breeze is grasping through the desert lands, but dont let it congeal your stuffs. Chill around with a cup of coffee feel the warmth with the fire pit stories. Leave the idea of being snug and left alone in the shed of boredom inside your flats and villas. Go out and lie down between the mountain bed with the blanket of the stars as you watch regal scene on the screen. Dont worry about the frost bite and nova chill. Be embraced by the warmth still with our Outdoor Patio Gas Heaters, your winter chills will be in clover, with its classy package view will add up the points to see for. Deceiving the way it looks but it will spice things up on how it works. It will fondle up your mood even in high altitude, like there is no piercing cold grasping your hoods. There is no better experience than the comforting warm and chill feeling with our best outdoor patio gas heaters (HEAT MASTER USA). Adding it up to your venting arsenal will be a great deal. Who else in town can provide you with the mosey and sustainable heating solutions with a reasonable price? Only, The Cool Group LLC will serve you widely across the Middle East and GCC countries . Located next to DUNE Center, Al Diyafa Road, 2nd of December St, SATWA Dubai. For more inquiries, you may email us at sales@cool-group.net and you can reach us also in our hotline (+971) 04 386 8682

Pyramid Gas Heater Black

Renting heaters can be benifical if you have outdoor events you dont have to worry about the hussle of where to keep your heaters during summer or after the event, Cool group offer a one stop shop solution for all types of heaters from electric to gas heater.

Pyramid Gas Heater

Cool group patio heaters in Dubai can help people to enjoy their time on the patio. Cold weather cannot be the obstacle anymore to enjoy the beautiful landscape and atmosphere surrounding the patio. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice to get the best outdoor heater rental in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Pyramid Gas Heaters

Patio heaters are necessary especially for those patios which are located in a cold place. In this case, Dubai is one particular area which has the cold weather especially when it is night. Yes, Dubai as a city in GCC UAE, this city has a great landscape for being enjoyed and with the modern architectural buildings, this city offers much pleasure for the visitors who come to this town as the tourist. However, having a place in Dubai is also being a bit of fun for people who have their desire to have a place to stay in especially in Dubai city. To add the enjoyment, patio heaters in Dubai are available to be owned in many different designs and specifications. Outdoor Patio heaters rental Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE

Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters:(heat master usa)

Cool Group famous brand HEAT MASTER USA (DUBAI) wall-mounted patio heaters can be mounted to a wall. They are much more portable and small in size than tabletop patio heaters. Mostly they have wall mount brackets and thus it is easy to fix them with a wall and to enjoy the weather.220v power can power these units as you can see in most of the hotels and restaurants in DUBAI UAE.

HEAT MASTER USA heater benefits and importance according to the environment, they are suitable for. But if we compare them by fuels. Propane gas is much portable than Natural Gas, but it needs refilling, electric heaters are much easy to install as they just need a power source. But Natural Gas Outdoor Heater has the highest BTU (British thermal unit), and thus they provide much more heat energy than the propane and electric heaters. So we can choose any of them according to your requirements. CALL US +971 4 386 86 82, we provide free consultation and site visit to our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Natural Gas heaters are more economical as we dont have to worry about refilling like propane heaters but they also emit carbon monoxide and also the danger of fire is always there. They should be treated with intensive care. Now we come towards Electric Patio Heaters. These are efficient and provide much natural heat than Gas Patio Heaters, and in a case of them, we dont need to worry about fuel, as they are just plugged and play. But these heaters are also not much portable as they there is always a need of power source so there should be a source of energy nearby to turn it on, thats why it cannot be taken anywhere.

Different types of Gas Outdoor Heater require a different kind of maintenance. Electric heaters are however made water resistant, but it is better to place them in the shelter for extra safety. Electric heaters require that the tube should be replaced when they become old for their proper functioning. Gas heaters should also need to use with care as Natural gas can easily catch fire and thus can cause harm.

When buying Outdoor Patio heaters, the requirement should be kept in mind if you want a patio heater for a restaurant it is better to buy floor patio heaters.. For home use, a tabletop or wall mounted electric Gas patio heater is best.Please note that all our outdoor heaters above available for rent. We offer good rental rates for daily and weekly periods. Our outdoor heaters hire service available withing Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all UAE.

Keeping the aforementioned info in mind you can choose which kind of patio heater you desire. After you have decided this it is going to be easy that you settle on which patio heater you can opt for. When you decide you have to get an outdoor patio heater, it is sti have to decide about many different things.

It is possible for you to receive a patio heater in various capacities and configurations. It is quite vital to comprehend why you really desire a patio heater. Patio heaters are sometimes a difficult matter to shop. According to your needs it is possible to receive a great outdoor patio heater.You can guarantee that Cool Group Heat Master USA is a high quality heaters and we offer warranty all spare parts available.

Outdoor kitchens can be pricey and extensive projects, since the notion is truly extending your house living room to make the most of your lawn and far better weather. A patio is the ideal location to relax and to devote quality time with your buddies and family members. Even if people had a patio in their houses, they were not able to utilize it in winters on account of the terrible weather. You need to know how big your patio is if you would like to get a heater that could effectively heat the entire area. When you have a more compact patio, the more compact table-top heaters ought to be good. Thus, youve had the ideal patio or deck built and now you are interested in some kind of patio cover.

Sometimes you might need more than 1 heater. While a fashionable heater can increase the decor of your dwelling, it cant be the sole aspect you ought to consider while buying your heater. Search for heaters that are super efficient, a great size heater is around 1200W and be sure that it is going to offer targeted heating via low frequency waves.you can find variety of heater in our shop located in 2nd december st al diyafa rd Satwa Dubai UAE. An outdoor heater makes sure that most of the restaurants and hotels outdoor area are confortable for their customers and guests.

Cool group have various kinds of heaters that can be segregated with regard to fuel used. The patio heaters are offered at fair rates on the market and also there is great assortment of colors and shapes also. Consider your children and pets if you are thinking of purchasing a table top patio heater.

We can help you decide when purchasing outdoor heater.We have all types of heater including gas and electric heaters in our shop. we also provide demo on how to operation our heater and most of all our technical team will deliver it at your doorsteps and provide technical infortaion in case of emergency.dont hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your requirements.

Heat Master USA - Cool Group International - Dubai UAE

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