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At Mist&Cool™ we are devoted to providing our customers with the most innovative and highest quality misting products available and at the most competitive prices.

We also understand that making good products at great prices isn’t enough in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s why we are committed to providing our retailers with everything they need to profitably sell our products.

This means on time delivery, responsive customer service, great looking packaging and complete merchandising programs. We are able to do all this because we manufacture virtually all of our own parts and components.

The concept of “evaporative cooling” has been used for many years. The “desert cooler” is a good example. Mist&Cool™ has redefined the old principle and made systems a hundred times more efficient, using modern technology.

While most commonly used for cooling misting can also be used for air filtration, dust abatement, disinfection, odor removal, fire and smoke control, special effects and much more.

Our current installations of Mist&Cool™ include commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural applications. We also supply explosion proof cooling systems / equipment to the oil & gas industry.

At Mist&Cool™ we promise to listen to our customer’s needs and provide them with exciting cutting edge products and the tools to sell them.


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