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Let us create a customized solution for your event. Misting Tents, Cool Zones, Mobile Cooling Trailers, even temporary Mist and Fog Cannoned Art Structures… we’ve done them all
Outdoor events are synonymous with Summer. The list of events to enjoy during the Summer months is essentially endless. If you are an event organizer, or you are involved with concerts or music festival production, you might want to consider thinking about outdoor event cooling. Outdoor event cooling is something that should be considered by all event planners and festival organizers. The Cool Group has designed and installed an extensive number of outdoor cooling systems for events of all sizes and our expertise can ensure that your event is one to remember.
There is nothing worse than being at a music festival in the midst of a massive crowd, waiting for your favorite band to take the stage, and feeling overwhelmed by the heat. More and more concert promoters and starting to think about the well being of the crowds, and thankfully so. We have been instrumental in providing special event organizers with a cost effective means of keeping large crowds cool in the extreme heat and humidity of summer. Our evaporative cooling systems can protect concert promoters from liabilities caused by heat exhaustion experienced by attendees, and music fans from the detrimental effects of heat stroke.
We have also designed outdoor event cooling systems for a number of educational institutions, including some of the top universities in America. If you have ever attended graduation ceremonies at a school in one of the hot southern states, you will know why temperature control and modification is so important. Graduation ceremonies generally take place in the early summer months and for some the heat and humidity can be unbearable. How many elderly family members have missed out on one of the most important days of their family members lives due to extreme weather conditions? Our outdoor event cooling systems are a portable, cost effective means of ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests.
Here at the Cool Group, we are experts in evaporative cooling technologies. We can provide you with a custom designed and professionally installed event cooling system for a price that is much less expensive than you might expect. In the end, it is difficult to put a price on the success of an event. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that a happy fan is lifelong fan. If you are looking to provide the ultimate outdoor event experience, we can help. Stay cool with the Cool Group!

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