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These are just a few of Mist & Cool’s fogging solutions. We create cool and comfortable environments around the world.

Engineering Humidification

There are many commercial and industrial applications where controlling humidity or temperature provide enhanced profitability. For these specific situations, fog systems are the ideal solution.

In wine storage applications, increasing the relative humidity can dramatically reduce the evaporation of wine through the oak barrels.

Paper production and storage facilities also benefit from a controlled environment. Because paper products can readily gain and lose moisture, a constantly controlled humidity level is critical to consistent and improved quality of the end product.

Textile operations benefit by maintaining specific humidity levels resulting in improved quality and minimal downtime or rejections. This is because humidity helps increase the tensile strength of the fibers, reduces static electricity, reduces cotton fly, and filters residual airborne lint. The enhanced production capacity and reduced waste improves profitability.

The new systems of Mist & Cool are the latest innovation in climate control and is appropriate for any humidification project. It was developed to provide a means of producing better coverage and more effective humidification when compared to a static line mist system..

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