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about cool group international The climate changes with seasons, especially here in the United Arab Emirates. Some climatic conditions are conducive for outdoor activities, while others are inhospitable. However, we have a solution for you’re outdoors and indoors needs. Our Dubai-based Cool Group has technologies to neutralize these vagaries in weather and lower the outdoor temperature by 10° – 15° C.

The technology that we have is from Mist & Cool U.S.A. It’s capable of keeping the audience at an outdoor event cool and comfortable even during the hot and humid summer months. The company’s evaporative cooling units reduce the temperature drastically, while consuming only a fraction of the power consumed by conventional air-conditioning.

These units are widely used in outdoor restaurants, Hotels, horse stables, greenhouses, outdoor school events, outdoor congregations at mosques, supermarkets and many other outdoor places, particularly where conventional air-conditioning is of little use and also unaffordable.

The Cool Group has been serving clients in the Middle East for the past 20 years. It offers environment-friendly products and technology that can change the weather outdoors. The company installs High speed misting fans, high pressure misting systems, and our signature CoolMaster USA cooling machines that are available in various sizes. All the above units can either be rented or purchased. All products are based on the concept of evaporative cooling or misting.

cool group international mission The Cool Group team specializes in helping people enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s through our high quality signature cooling and misting systems, our patio gas and electric heating line, our designer barbeques, our umbrellas and shading line or our multipurpose solar solutions, the Cool Group can help you select the best product to fit your needs.

cool group international vision The Cool Group LLC is a Dubai – based team that has been in business in the UAE, GCC and beyond for over 20 years. We have built our business on delivering a great product as well as a very positive customer experience that keeps our clients coming back for more. Our flagship product line, MIST & COOL USA, is a proven American brand that delivers tried and tested cooling results and is the foundation of our misting and cooling systems.


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+971 55 203 5419

cool group international logo The Cool Group International LLC is based in the UAE, with showrooms in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, and has been operating for more than 20 years in the UAE and Middle East region.

Our premier brand name, “Mist & Cool USA” is the leading provider for cooling solutions around the globe. We also feature the exclusive regional agency for the Cool Master USA, Heat Master USA, Solar Master USA, Weltem, AR Korea, Sungard and TotallySafe brands.

Directed by a veteran experienced German, American and Canadian management team, we are a specialized company developing and installing indoor and outdoor cooling, heating and solar solutions for any sized project; private, government, commercial and industrial. Common projects include hotels, mosques, palaces, farms, stables, warehouses, restaurants, nightclubs, malls, waterparks, biking paths, naval, zoos and live events.

The company holds to European business standards, focusing on achieving and maintaining a high benchmark of customer satisfaction.

The Cool Group strives to deliver high quality products and installations, and in addition to providing precise, innovative and creative design, delivery and installation of cooling and heating solutions, we also provide a full warrantee for at least one year with every project.

The Cool Group LLC, works with franchise partners and Distributors for projects across the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The Cool Group LLC also offers solutions on a rental basis, from one day to short term to seasonal contracts. This offers clients such as restaurants and hotels the ability to provide their guests with much needed cooling and heating but not have to worry about storage of units during the off-season. Clients commonly use our products for concerts, private parties, conventions and trade shows, event tents, construction and automotive sites, media events, ineffective existing system supplementation and many other applications!

The Cool Group offers Off-the-shelf and Customized Products and Solutions for:

• Our ‘Cool Master’ series Evaporative Chillers, sized from 6,000 m3 to 48,000 m3 airflow per hour. • IDEC – indirect / direct evaporative cooling, a new two-stage cooling technology. • Portable Air Conditioning units. • High and low pressure wall-mounted and stand-alone Mist and Dry Fans. • Misting Line installations for cooling, watering, humidification, dust and insect suppression, and artistic display, such as misted rock works. • Explosion-proof units for the oil and gas industry. • Solar installations for on and off-grid power supply as well as self-contained solar street lamps, solar-thermal swimming pool heating and chilling. • Thermal reflective coatings for almost any surface, from glass to stone to metal to wood and more, which saves up to 40% from power bills that are dominated by AC power consumption. • Small to large scale water tank cooling. • Gas and electric, high-performance Patio Heaters. • Dehumidifier and Water Maker units. • A completely safe for human contact pest control system made of completely biological reagents for indoor and outdoor, commercial, private and industrial uses.

The Cool Group is managed by a veteran experienced international team; the CEO of the company, Mr. Christos Haritonides, and his son, Alex Haritonides, of Canadian and American nationality and Mr. Herbert Kehle – General Manager – of German nationality.

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