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Heat-related injuries are an unfortunate threat to employees working in a large repair facility like automotive and aviation areas especially during extremely hot days that often lead to severe illnesses, injuries and delayed of work. Carrying out your daily tasks becomes rather unpleasant, especially when the humidity level is high while wearing overall uniforms. It’s time to beat the heat by looking at some clever cooling solutions to cool workers, increasing worker safety and improving productivity. Cool Master America cooling products was highly recommended ideal solutions for cooling off huge spaces such as auto shops, machine shops, aviation area and other industrial spaces with massive large working area, low operating costs that are portable and convenient.

Cool Group LLC are expert in providing cooling solutions for automotive and aviation area our machines produced with a high grade materials to withstand extreme conditions that others brand simply can't, specifically designed to provide economical, effective cooling where ever it was needed without getting people or equipment wet, ideally for following major areas:

Automotive and aviation workshop in general has a number of hazardous substances and processes which affect the air quality and also the heat and humidity during summer days can cause damage to machines and tools and reducing performance. A reduction of hot temperature in the work place creates an obvious benefits in overall result and a reduction in absenteeism, here are some solutions to cool down a bit this summer.

1. EVAPORATIVE COOLERS (also known as swamp cooler, swamp box, desert cooler and wet air cooler) are energy efficient machines that cool air through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor. This can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. Evaporative coolers do require a continuous supply of water to maintain moisture within the system. Cool Master America swamp air cooler are environmentally friendly solution - evaporation is a natural process, help to eliminates odors and stale air instead of re-circulating them, money saving - running costs up to 90% less than a mechanical air conditioning system, with no detrimental effect on the efficiency or operating cost even the doors and windows remain open, provides a natural environment and improves air quality.

2. INDUSTRIAL FANS are the quiet, reliable and energy efficient core of your ventilation system. Each fan is specially designed for its specific application and thus produces the best possible efficiency and providing the most economical means of performing the air movement function. If you need something portable to provide convenience or something heavy-duty for a constant cool. Cool Master America industrial fans ventilate large areas fast and are designed for regular use, made of durable materials to last through harsh work environments

3. AIR CONDITIONING UNITS (Floor Standing AC, Wall Mounted AC, Portable AC or Window AC) most commonly used to achieve a more comfortable environment. If you’re working in a closed workshop without any source of ventilation air conditioning options will certainly get the job done. Cool Group LLC work to make life easier and better for everyone by delivering a high quality air conditioners, we provide a high-performance and efficient products to gain employee satisfaction to avoid work delay and customer trust.

Looking for a high standard, cost effective, long-life cooling solutions to fulfill the needs of every employees and customers during summer time, visit our Website ( the only company that have an expertise providing information on how to achieve the ideal temperatures in your facility. Available in different sizes and designs to meet your specific requirements. For free product demonstration visit our showroom at Al Diyafa Road Satwa Dubai, UAE.

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