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Every year there seems to be more and more outdoor events. Cool Master America by Cool Group specialized services for cooling & heating solution whether attending festivals, concerts or planning a private wedding, birthdays, water theme parks, outdoor cafes, and sporting events in keeping the audience cool and comfortable during the hot and humid summer months and keeping the people warm during winter season.


Cool Group brings together the refreshing mist of water, cool breeze of evaporative cooling machine, and comfortable cooling of air conditioners. They can reduce the hot temperature to make you feel comfortable on your back patio or deck on the hottest days.

A misting fan & Jet Mist Fan is designed to spray cool water and air around. This feels good when it hits your skin on a hot summer’s day. Water is pushed through the fan and then the blade breaks it up and spreads it around. This is a great option in the right setting. It is perfect to use in many water parks, school playgrounds and community swimming pools use these fans to prevent their guests from overheating.

Evaporative coolers or swamp coolers are massively popular, particularly in Middle East. Low annual rainfall, plentiful sunshine, and scarce cloud cover are the culprits of the arid climate experienced in the Gulf. However, outdoor swamp coolers can be a refreshing addition to any outdoor activity, no matter where you live. Evaporative cooling is a process to cool air in warm climates with low humidity. Keeping cool in warm climates doesn’t have to be expensive. Investing in an evaporative cooler helps you save money on your utility bills and can make the summertime not feel so hot.

Cool Master America by Cool Group provides various ranges of air coolers for purchase and rental with excellent quality and innovative technology that gives you exceptional performance at a lower price and provide reliable quality. These desert air coolers are highly acclaimed by clients due to its high durability and low maintenance. Stау cool wіth our outdoor air coolers. Grеаt for kids оutdооr раrtіеѕ, sporting еvеntѕ or trаdе ѕhоwѕ. Your coolers can mаkе your nеxt оutdооr асtіvіtу refreshingly cool. No need to discomfort yourself during your outdoor events.

Cool Master America is offering PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONING UNITS. We have units from 1 ton up to 5 tons AC. These units doesn’t require you to install an outdoor unit to work. It’s just a plug and play machine, put some ducting for the hot air coming out. Your place is now under your control. Also, portable air conditioners are great alternative for buildings or establishments not allowing to have additional AC with outdoor units. And since it is portable, the flexibility of movement from one place to another can apply without permanent installation so setting up is extremely quick and easy.


The winter in Dubai is delightful and people has all the reason to be outside and take advantage of the comfortable temperature. This means more and more people will be going out to enjoy the attractions Dubai can offer. It’s time for big events for fitness, fashion, concerts, festivals. Be embraced by the warmth with our Outdoor Patio Gas Heaters and Electric heater, your winter chills will be in clover, with its classy package view will add up the points to see for. Deceiving the way it looks but it will spice things up on how it works. It’ll fondle up your mood even in high altitude, like there’s no piercing cold grasping your hoods. Heat Master USA Outdoor Gas Heater stands the high quality assurance for its operating power as if you have it experienced for the first time, instead of thinking ways for keeping it stored on off season. In whatever setup you require our products we can provide you with variety of choices. Like our stylish, modern and strong versatile outdoor gas patio heaters; mushroom heaters, pyramid heaters, or the circle flame heaters. Feels like you’ve already at home, calm, warm and relaxed while enjoying the cold weather. What more could you ask for other than having a good choices of heaters to supplement the current condition of the weather with less stress of maintenance whether it is on active or passive state.

Electric heaters are useful for both outdoor and indoor areas like hotel, restaurant, outdoor events, and many more during winter seasons, they come in different shapes and sizes can either be placed on wall, tripod, free standing and ceiling mounted. They are easy to turn on and off, and typically reach the desired temperature quickly. Electric heaters provide efficient, economical heat for commercial and industrial applications.

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