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At Cool Group International we are devoted to providing our customers with the most innovative and highest quality misting products available and at the most competitive prices.

We also understand that making good products at great prices isn’t enough in today’s competitive marketplace. That’s why we are committed to providing our retailers with everything they need to profitably sell our products.

This means on time delivery, responsive customer service, great looking packaging and complete merchandising programs. We are able to do all this because we manufacture virtually all of our own parts and components.

The concept of “evaporative cooling” has been used for many years. The “desert cooler” is a good example. Cool Group International has redefined the old principle and made systems a hundred times more efficient, using modern technology.

While most commonly used for cooling misting can also be used for air filtration, dust abatement, disinfection, odor removal, fire and smoke control, special effects and much more. Our current installations of Cool Group International include commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural applications. We also supply explosion proof cooling systems / equipment to the oil & gas industry. At Cool Group International we promise to listen to our customer’s needs and provide them with exciting cutting edge products and the tools to sell them.

Cool Group International provide customers with the most innovative and highest quality cooling and heating services and solutions in the UAE.
Data Center Cooling
Residential Cooling
Green House Cooling
Tent Cooling
Animal Cooling

Do you need outdoor air cooler to attract people to your resort, restaurant or spa during the hottest time of the year? Do you need to create a safer industrial environment for your employees? Perhaps you need to regulate the temperatures to prevent heat stress in your cattle, your horses, our children or our rescue operatives? It is precisely because of the necessary results of outdoor cooling, humidification and fog effects that concepts such as “quality” and “absolutely critical features” matter. We at Cool Group protect your investment and ensures that you have a system that performs for years and years to come most of our product is covered with warranty and maintenance contact.

The Cool Group also rents cooling and heating equipment for events.

Parties, weddings, conventions, beach parties, Mosques and Ramadan events, outdoor concerts… we have done them all!

Before the event, we will deliver and set up the equipment, and once the event is completed, we will take it away.

Quick, convenient, easy, hassle free.

We offer all kinds of outdoor cooling & heating hire options within the Emirates. Custom temporary misting solutions also available.

Outdoor Air Coolers Rental

Starting from… AED 100

The Cool Group outdoor air coolers we rent out range from medium to large to extra large (6000 to 48000 CMH) These Cool Group evaporative type air coolers; meaning they use water evaporation to cool the air (an A/C use compressor/refrigerant). The evaporative cooling technique is Eco-friendly with less energy consumption. However, It cause more humidity in air so It is more suitable for cooling open spaces. If you are looking for cooling a tent or closed areas, you might want to consider renting the portable AC option below.

Portable Misting Fan Rental

Starting from… AED 100

We strictly recommend to hire water mist fans for outdoors only. As the mist could make closed spaces very humid. These portable fans are king of summer activities & sport events cooling. The kids love too. Share your contact no. or email on WhatsApp & We will get back to you with options available to book.

Outdoor/Patio heaters rental

Starting from… AED 100

We only offer Cool Group patio heaters to rent for UAE customers. Meaning you get the best outdoor heaters in town. They are Dubai’s civil defense approved as well. Beside safety features, they come with better ignition, thicker panels & much better look than others. the options here are many; However, the most common types are mushroom & pyramid heaters. Other fancy options available as well. So contacts us now to get all options before booking. Gas & bottles could be arranged at additional cost.

And do not forget their role in making visitors look so cool even at a significantly low temperature. Plus, since Dubai outdoor is the same amazing whether in the dry season or winter, the low temperature should not be a reason not to enjoy it if patio heaters in Dubai are around you. Do not be hesitate to approach the most strategic patio to witness Dubai great view either in the morning or at the evening, since there will be no shivering. They are sofas or conversation seating or rattan chairs, but with patio heaters with them, they offer you more than just comfortable seating. Then, no temperature will be too low for you to enjoy your vacation in Dubai. Cool Group have the right gas outdoor heater for you.

Portable/Outdoor AC rental

Starting from… AED200

Cool Group offer few portable A/C’s on hire basis ranging from 1 to 6ton capacity. Traditional A/C is still the king of indoor cooling vs evaporative air coolers. It is possible to place these portable units outdoors and duct the cool air in. Or place indoors and duct the hot air out. Anyway, no worries as all ducting & installation is included for free.

Outdoor Events Cooling

United Arab emirates is a happy country, Everyday people are organizing more and more outdoor events . Whether festivals, concerts or private wedding, more people are enjoying their time outside. During hot Spring and summer in UAE you might ask yourself, What is the best way to cool off my outdoor event, portable misting fans or evaporative cooling machines?

Evaporative Cooling Machines

Cool Group Evaporative Cooling Machines works by moving air flow through a water soaked Cooling Media pad. This operates with a water Tank at the base of the unit from which water is pumped to the top of the unit. The water cascades down this evaporator pad via gravity. A fan in front of the unit pulls air though the soaked pad, thus cooling the air similar to a car radiator. These systems are often referred to as evaporative coolers, swamp coolers, desert coolers or wet air coolers.

Misting Fans

Cool Group Misting fans - Fresh water is drawn from a source , A powerful water pump forces the water through centrifugal misting disk . This high pressure pump and misting disk combination produce a very fine vapor which quickly evaporates in fact it flash evaporates when introduced to moving air. This action requires energy, which is obtained by drawing heat out of the air, thus cooling the air dramatically .Since the water evaporates so quickly, the result is cooled air without creating a damp environment. This cooling method is effective up to 90% humidity in open/ventilated environments, without increasing local humidity.

Other benefits of outdoor misting fans:

1: Uses Fresh Water only.

2: Portable misting fans are extremely mobile and easy to transport, making a small footprint.

3: Self Contained units do not need a permanent water source.

4: Very quiet when operating.

5: Fans blow elevated dry mist away from floor and oscillate for better air distribution.

6: Very energy efficient.

7: Attractive and non-obtrusive design.

Home / Applications / Applications for Emergency Cooling

Emergency Cooling

As the name says, Emergency cooling is used when HVAC and air conditioner systems fail so let’s discuss the applications of Cool Group emergency cooling service:

In warehouse/factory: where you have vital equipment or inventory to protect. In office: where your employee can not afford to work without AC or with un efficient AC In restaurant: obviously all your customers will leave your restaurant and find another one which has a comfortable cooling. In apartment /villa: your family is your first priority therefore you will never t let them down by keeping them in your house without working AC. In data center: servers and IT and telecommunications hardware are sensitive electronic equipment and heat can damage these equipment very badly. Cool Group emergency air conditioner units are manufactured specifically for commercial and industrial use. They are available in a series of sizes and capacities and are expertly manufactured to deliver the most efficient cooling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and anywhere in UAE.

For emergency cooling back up, just a few degrees can have a tremendous impact on electronic equipment and business. That’s why Cool Group International LLC is trusted by thousands of customers nationwide. Our backup portable air conditioner system is the most efficient and dependable way to ensure your business keeps running. There are some businesses where a backup air conditioner is absolutely vital. Sensitive environments, including manufacturing, building cooling, retail and, of course IT equipment, all of them can suffer dramatic consequences when HVAC systems fail.

Temporary Cooling

When it comes to temporary cooling our wide range of air cooling unites are there to help you, but why temporary cooling and why not permanent cooling? Why people will hire an AC for temporary propose? If it is for the emergency cooling then why we wrote this article? let’s make clear here, temporary cooling is the need of cooling in a place which is built for temporary purpose or a place which is constructed or renovated recently and the permanent A/C is not yet operated so let’s list down some temporary cooling applications:

Under Construction building: most of the contracting companies hire air conditioner unites for the building which they are constructing, they do that in order to protect their labor from the heat in addition to the fact that some of the construction materials are very sensitive to the humidity and it is require a dry weather to get dry.

Offices, apartments, outlets, villas, hotels, schools and restaurants which are under renovation, they hire the air conditioner unite in order to defeat the heat and the humidity which effect badly the painting and flooring process. Show apartment/villa: All developer open one or more apartment/ villa in order to show the customer at the time of launching the new project, on this scenario the developer want start the HVAC system unless the unites are sold and the keys are handed over to the customer therefore they go for temporary air conditioner to cool down the show apartment.

Temporary tents: If you rent out a tent for conducting an event (wedding, corporate event, Ramadan tent) this mean that this tent will be removed once the event is over hence you will need to hire a temporary air conditioner unite to cool the tent during the event. Below are the recommended air conditioners for different applications of emergency/temporary cooling:

1 Ton portable air conditioner: This A/C is small and portable ,it consist of one unite and it comes with flexible hose duct for hot air ventilation so it’s require a window or a door which can be opened in order to through the hot air outside the room. It can cool an area of 20 sq m max, it is the best cooling machine for small rooms, small offices, and security rooms. 2 Tons portable air conditioner: this A/C is industrial machine, it is also consist of one unite which has a flexible hose for the hot air ventilation and two flexible hoses for the cold air so it can be fixed either inside the place which require cooling our outside that place, it is the best cooling machine for warehouses, garages, tents and containers. 5 Tons free stand air conditioner: This AC consist of two unites , inner and outer unite , both unites are connected through a cooper pipes for the gas circulation, it is the best cooling machines for warehouses, villas, large halls, large offices, tents. AC package unite 25 Tons: This AC consist of one unite, this unites used to cool large areas such as buildings, big warehouses, hospitals, malls. This unite has to be placed outside the place which require cooling, it can also installed in the top of the building, it comes with flexible hoses for the distribution of the cool air.

Are you in need of air conditioning repair service by a professional technician? Ac Maintenance Dubai by Cool Group International LLC offers high quality heating & cooling services.

Cool Group don’t have the huge overhead cost like the big franchises. And we like it that way because that allows us to give you much better rates, and better service – because we care about our business. Fast response, emergency service and an extensive commercial service makes Ac Maintenance Dubai by Cool Group International LLC your first choice in air conditioning installation, services.

Our professionals have years of experience and training and always provide superior work. Our highly trained and professional field agents offer our clients the knowledge and experience to service any brand.

We are locally owned and operated and have no overhead costs. When you are in need of ac repair or heating repair services make sure to call Ac Maintenance Dubai by Cool Group International LLC!

Why Cool Group Air Conditioning System?

Cool Group never let you down, We have dedicated teams for emergency call-outs as well as separate teams for survey and daily routine works, we also offer annual maintenance contracts and covers all Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of U.A.E. We are specialized in areas like, Meadows, Springs, Lakes, The Gardens, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Marina and Al Sufouh, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Horalanz, Hamriya, Nad-al-Hamar, Mardif, Al Warqa, Daira, Rigga Road, Bur Dubai, Emirates Hills, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, International City, Silicon Oasis, Sheikh Zaid Road and surroundings, Jumeirah Village Triangle, Jumairah Village Circle, Marina, Springs, Al Furjan, Studio City, Motor City, Arabian Ranches, Green Community, Arabian Ranches, DIFC, Jumairah Lake Towers (JLT), TECOM, Oud Metha, Mirdif, Jumeirah, Jaflia, World Trade Center, Karama, Oud Metha, Wafi City, Mankhool, Raffa

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